trying not to be predictable in my comments BUT OH GOD HERMIONE LOOKS SO GORGEOUS HERE


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Natalie Dormer—Behind the Scenes for Esquire (October 2013)


2/? favourite movies: A n  E d u c a t i o n (2009)

I’m going to read what I want, and listen to what I want, and I’m going to look at paintings and watch French films, and I’m gonna talk to people who know lots about lots.

Perhaps magic was once a mighty force in the world, but no longer. What little remains is no more than the wisp of smoke that lingers in the air after a great fire has burned out, and even that is fading. Valyria was the last ember, and Valyria is gone.”

What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? The Shining. It scared the crap out of me. And I had to put on a Pixar movie after that. WALL-E. I’m not kidding. - Pedro Pascal

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waiting for my friend to arrive n bored selfie

"Did you come here for sex?" // "Come away with me."